Welcome to Crumpet

At Crumpet! we are passionate about creating wonderfully indulgent cakes that are full of delicious flavours and character. Take our sumptuous Raspberry Mud Cakes – made from a delicious fusion of rich dark chocolate, fresh raspberries and a delicate splash of liquor that combines to make a truly divine cake which can be enjoyed either cold or warmed as a pudding.  So why not  find a nice quiet moment  -  sit back, relax, indulge and enjoy, from Crumpet! with love!

Celebrate with Cake!

We also understand that when you have something great to celebrate, you may want to share the things you love with those you love. All of our cakes are baked fresh and made from the finest of  local ingredients and add the perfect touch of glamour to any special occasion. We can happily bake to order a selection of your favourite cakes for any party or celebration you have in mind.

Birthdays,Anniversaries,Tea Parties,Civil  Partnerships, Weddings….


Visit our Cakes page to find out ‘how to order’ and discover ‘which flavour are you?’…